What is Affiliate Marketing and its components?

Affiliate Marketing
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Hey, my friend are you struggling to know exactly what is Affiliate Marketing and why many peoples are talking about this many people are earning online through just doing Affiliate Marketing.

I know you also don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works, Don’t worry I was also in the same category back then when I also heard this word 1st time without knowing anything about how it works in this digital marketing field.

That’s why in this blog post, I will tell you a brief introduction about what is Affiliate marketing and how it works in a proper manner.

So Let’s proceed with the main topic…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the simple process of selling digitally online other products/services or advertisements through your website/ blog, email, or social media platform in return you will get a percentage(%) of the commission of the product price which you sell. Affiliate Marketing is also known as Performance Marketing.

In this Affiliate marketing method, you can earn dollars or rupees per month digitally. Many people are earning dollars through this marketing process by joining Affiliate Marketing Programs. This type of income is also known as passive income which you get regularly when you build your audience and gain trust.

Affiliate Marketing Reports

One of the Affiliate Marketing industry stats reports says that- the sales or profit generated from Affiliate Marketing is increasing year by year. In 2019 alone this Affiliate Marketing industry generated $6.4 Billion in turnover revenue. From the year 2015, the revenue is increased to 52%, and the market is shifted to generating online sales from Affiliate Marketing mostly which is expanding to $6.8 Billion by the end of 2020. In 2021 there are many chances that it will grow tremendously shortly.

Img figure: This image of Affiliate Marketing proven data is taken from the Statista website and belongs to him. 

So, you now know about Affiliate Marketing and how it works.

It’s time for the What are the terminologies used in the Affiliate Marketing Process?

Affiliate marketing has four components-

  1. Merchant
  2. Network
  3. Advertiser/Affiliate
  4. Customer 

1. Merchant

It means who created the product or services and he wants to sell over to the internet. It can be a manufacturer or a businessman also.

2. Network

In Affiliate marketing, many network systems work as a middleman between the Merchant & Affiliate. Many Affiliate Networks Programs are connected with Affiliates who joined the Program and in every sale which is done by the Affiliates, they will also get a commission along with the affiliate.

3. Affiliate

The party is sometimes known as the publisher. They promote the product/service of the merchant through their websites/blogs or on social media platforms. They earn different commissions against every sale based on the product. They can earn dollars from every sale. An affiliate can be a single person or a team under one person. This is how the affiliate chain is developed.  

4. Consumer

Consumers are the final people who buy the products. The consumer is buying a product from a specific affiliate link that is connected with the Affiliate, from only that Affiliate link the affiliate or publisher will get a commission.

Notice: In this online world many people are doing scams/frauds by the name of Affiliate Marketing who doesn’t know exactly how affiliate marketing works. That’s you have to be alert about how you can identify whether this is doing scam or not I will post about the topic in my upcoming posts.  


In this, we learn about what is Affiliate Marketing and is the process of doing Affiliate Marketing and who are the main components of Affiliate Marketing, and the stats also.

I hope you like it please comment it what you want to add in the post if you feel it and suggest some topics also which I will provide you in the best possible manner.


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