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Many people know that cryptocurrency has risen in this digital world in a sudden 2-4 years from the year 2018 that are extremely fast, but still, some people don’t believe in this, and some are confused about what it is and why it is growing so fast.

Those who know about this want cryptocurrency anyhow to become a part of it. 

To become a part of it, you want a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store it for a long time. But many people have difficulties choosing which crypto wallet is the best for storing cryptocurrency. 

That’s why today I will tell you about the top 5 best cryptocurrency wallets for India.  

Let’s discuss…..

What is a crypto wallet?             

A crypto wallet is similar to your bank’s wallet, where we do transactions in money for payment or receive it. But in the crypto wallet, you have to purchase any cryptocurrency and hold it up until you want to sell it; most people sell their held cryptocurrency when its value increases. Some crypto wallets have a blockchain function for more security.

Cryptocurrency wallets can be of two types: intangible and tangible. 

  • Intangible Crypto wallets are those that we can only see with our naked eyes; we can’t touch them like digital wallets.
  • Tangible Crypto wallets are those that we can see and touch; they are just like computer memory or external devices like pen drives for storing cryptocurrencies.

But in this post, I am not talking about tangible wallets; I will discuss only Intangible Crypto wallets because these wallets are mostly used.

Top 5  Best CryptoCurrency Wallets:

1. CoinSwitch Kuber

Coin Switch is the first crypto wallet app that I used as a beginner with no experience and whose UI/UX experience is very good. You can easily buy and sell your cryptocurrency without any fees if you have done it through UPI.

Coin Switch has 11 million+ downloads and a rating of 4.1 in the Google Play Store. You can start trading with a minimum of 100 Rs, and you can also earn through the referral program, in which you will get 100 Rs for every referral person when they sign up.

CoinSwitch supports 80+ cryptocurrencies Coin switch trading fees are free, which is zero. CoinSwitch Pro is also available, but it is only available in the desktop version. 

CoinSwitch was developed by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar in 2017, and 50% of its users are under 28 years old. CoinSwitch’s main office is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It was soon available across 160 countries for crypto exchange. 

Coinswitch has changed its logo recently, too.

2. CoinDCX

The CoinDCX app is one of the best apps for crypto exchange that I am currently using. It was launched on April 7, 2018, by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal, and its headquarters are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

CoinDCX is just like a CoinSwitch, where you have to buy and sell crypto, but its interface is more simple, and it has more advanced features in CoinDCX Pro, which is the same company app.

 CoinDCX Pro features are:

  • DCXmargin
  • DCXfutures
  • DCXinsta
  • DCXlend
  • DCXstake

These features I will explain in detail in some other blog post that is fully dedicated to CoinDCX Pro; otherwise, it will be a very long debate. 

That’s why CoinDCX is better in comparison to CoinSwitch, which provides better options for trading, futures trading, margin trading, and many more. On CoinDCX, 100+ cryptocurrencies are listed with high liquidity, which is better for any company. Fees are also free for trading cryptocurrency. 

CoinDCX is India’s first Crypto unicorn, whose trading volume and active users are 4 million+. CoinDCX appoints a new brand ambassador, Ayushman Khurana when Amitabh Bachan steps down from promoting any crypto platform until the RBI government tells it whether it is legal tender for money exchange or not.

The government charges a 30% tax on cryptocurrency.

3. Zebpay

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in India is Zebpay.

 It was founded in 2014 by Sandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta, and Saurabh Agarwal, and it is still running. Zebpay is also similar to Coinswitch, with no bugs or errors and a good UI/UX design for users. Zebpay’s headquarters are situated in Singapore, but Zebpay is only for Indian users. 

Zebpay also offers Zebpay Pro to users who want to do margin trading. It is available in both the Apple Play Store and the Google Play Store. 

In 2018, it crossed the 2 Billion USD trade volume mark and set a milestone in India for crypto global exchange. It also offers to trade you at zero fees with good security, and it saves your crypto investments.

4. WazirX

Wazirx is the second-best cryptocurrency exchange in India after CoinDCX, which was created by Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon and launched on November 1, 2018. It is situated in Mumbai city in Maharashtra state from India country.

In 2019, Binance, which is the biggest Crypto exchange with NFT tokens, acquired WazirX, which now evolves a subsidiary of Binance. Wazirx is also known as Zanmai Labs Pvt Ltd. 

Wazirx charges fees of 0.2% for both withdrawal and deposit transactions. Wazirx has launched its own cryptocurrency token called WRX. 

Wazirx has been featured in many big brands like, Yourstory, Coinpedia, and many more. Wazirx provides a P2P function through which we can easily exchange our crypto in a safe and fast manner with our currency. 

To learn how Wazirx works, you have to give it some time. It is not for beginners to just Add funds, Buy any crypto, and sell it when it goes up, like another crypto wallet that I show in the above list. Wazirx works on the P2P function exchange; for this, you have to learn first.

5. Binance

Binance I am sure you have heard this name if you know about the crypto wallet. This is the biggest international crypto wallet that also provides an NFT marketplace. If you don’t know what NFT is, don’t worry; I will tell you about it in the next crypto category post. Binance is the parent company that acquired the Wazirx company, which is now a subsidiary of Binance. 

Binance listed almost 500+ cryptocurrencies with virtual tokens and its own Binance coin token as well. Binance was started in 2017 by selling his Shanghai apartment and working with several startups in the crypto field with many programmers. 

Binance is not just about P2P functions; it also offers margin, strategy trading, fan tokens, and many more awesome features. It is a lot harder to learn in comparison to Wazirx. I have used this wallet, and I am still learning because every month it gives new updates and provides new features. 


 So far, I have told about the best 5 intangible crypto wallets in these lists I have used every wallet in this list except Zebpay, but I have included it in the list because it is running at a time when people don’t know much about cryptocurrencies and it is used by many people, according to the reports. 

I hope you like my post and comment on it if you have any suggestions about it. Suggest some topics that I will post for the blog on digital marketing and cryptocurrency. 

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