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step by step blog guide
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Step by step blog guide I will tell you today. Blogs are important nowadays in every online business to build an online presence and a reputation through Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust concepts, which are used in Blogging 

In the year 2023, blogs will be used more frequently for news, articles, and blog-format content, which includes text, images, and infographics.

Blogging has been used for the past 10–12 years as a hobby for people on the Blogger platform to express their stories in written form, but now things have changed and it is used as a business from which you can earn online money.

Can we Start it for free?

Yes, you can definitely start it free of charge on various platforms. If you are familiar with digital marketing, I know you have heard platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, and many more are available for blogging.

Suppose you are using the Blogger platform for blogging in that you have to first create an account by signing up and setting up a domain, which is free of charge, but it adds a blogspot name after your free domain like ““. 

You can also use Paid platforms if you are interested in earning money online by expressing your thoughts through blogging. I will talk about the paid platforms later in this detailed article.

Platform for Blogging

For Blogging or creating a website, there are various platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Tumbler, etc., and many more in the online space, but I will tell you about the easiest way to start blogging for beginners.

The WordPress platform is the main blogging platform used for both blogging and website purposes. 43% of the websites in the world are created by this platform, which is around 810 million websites in the year 2023. I also created my blog in WordPress. V/S and are totally different platforms. is a self-hosted online server platform where you can buy your domain & hosting storage. is a separate platform where you can run your domain after installation, with many customization options available according to your needs.

Both are used for creating blogs and websites, but has a slight edge in use and customization.

Steps for Creating a Blog or Website

1. Choose your Niche

The first step is to choose your niche and the topics on which you can write content for your audience.  The niche should be one that interests you and can solve problems and give suggestions to your audience. The main focus of your niche is providing value, not earning money at the start, and finding your USP ( Unique Selling Point) that interests you.

2. Find the Domain & Hosting Server

The second step after finding your niche is registering your domain and hosting. For domain and hosting storage, many companies provide these facilities, but you have to select the best with affordable prices and good features. Before that, let me explain what a domain is. A domain is simply the address or location of your website that will be displayed when someone searches for Google which make it easy for people to remember your website name. Some examples like

A hosting server is a server where your website files are stored in large quantities, without this you can not access your domain. To access your site hosting is required. Many companies are providing their own hosting server service and cloud server. Some good companies like Godaddy, Hostinger, BlueHost, DreamHost, and many more.

I personally used DreamHost and HostingSpell hosting servers for my domain to set up my domain.

3. Install the platform 

After setup, the Domain & hosting in your server the next main step is to install the platform on your is simply a CMS (Control Management System) which simply means that you can manage, create and design the content also without prior knowledge of coding skills. You have to set up WordPress with your username/Email ID and password.

4. Design the Website

After setting up the WordPress platform in your domain, the next thing to do is create the website from scratch or use the page builder. I personally use Elementor with the drag-and-drop feature. You have to install the plugins according to your needs.

5. Create the Blogs 

The last and final step is to create the blog content for your niche. Your content should be about, digital marketing, finance, the stock market, and many more topics. You also have to optimize your content for SEO, which I will explain in an upcoming article.

Final Words

After doing these 5 steps, you have to create content regularly, do organic and inorganic promotion simultaneously, and be consistent in your blogging journey for the long run.

Suggest to me the topics on which you need the next article.


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