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  • Post published:July 15, 2023
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Hi, I am Vipin as you know in my first blog post I told you about this website and why I started.

In this post, I will tell you about myself and what is my background qualification, and what I am doing.


Let’s start…

I am Vipin Kushwaha 23-year-old boy a and the owner of the website to share my knowledge and experience about the digital marketing field which I have.

I am from the city of Burhanpur which is located in the Madhya Pradesh State in India where I completed my school studies.

I was from a commerce stream in my school days and after completing I moved to Bhopal city capital of Madhya Pradesh for my graduation and decided to choose with the computer Application. In my college days I first time explore digital marketing subject and after that, I explore the things about that by which I get a basic understanding of these things.

After learning the basic things of Digital Marketing I know that I have to upskill now.

So, I decided to work in a digital marketing company so I cracked the interview and work in the company for some months.

After completing my I saw that some of my friends are doing MBA or PG courses so I have taken the decision and moved to Indore city for doing MBA in the year 2022.

With doing an MBA I think that I have to launch a website to share my knowledge and express my views which I have in the digital marketing field.

On 22 December 2022, I purchase the domain name and launched the site, and started making the website design with that I learned how to make a website from WordPress CMS and how to create the content also on social media.

I keep posting my content on social media and doing blogging.

For that follow me on Social media platforms and join the community.


I am digitalvipin as a learning digital marketer what i know i will teach about and write in my blogs follow me regular updates on my social media channels.

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