5 Best Content Ideas Generator Tools

5 best content ideas tools
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Hello, my friend, I hope you are fine these days.

I have come up with an amazing topic that every content creator and blogger needs.

Yes, if you have guessed already, it is amazing that you know your industry very well.

If you are struggling to find content ideas for your blog or for social media and don’t come up with new ideas or topics, what should you publish?  

Then this post is for you if you are a blogger, teacher, or from any other profession who writes online on their blog.

So let’s start it…

5 Best Content Ideas Generator Tools

1. Hubspot’s Topic Generator Tool

Hubspot is a great tool when you have to find content ideas for your blog. You have to just enter a general term in which category you want ideas. It gives five different content ideas related to the search term for a free user. To find more content ideas, you have to sign up to find up to 250 content ideas for your category niche. With these content ideas, you can create an engaging blog post for your audience, which will help you.

2. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is also a great tool for finding great content ideas I have already used it for finding blog posts. This tool analyzes the keyword on which you want topics, and it generates a lot of ideas like a Google Search engine after analyzing the keyword.

Recently, Answer the Public was purchased by Neil Patel, who also owns the Uber Suggest tool. For finding ideas in Answer the Public, you have to just type the keyword phrase in which you want ideas, and it gives a lot of content ideas by analyzing the keyword term in which you want to create the content.

3. BuzzSumo

In my list, BuzzSumo is in the 3rd spot because of various reasons that other tools, which I tell you, can’t do it.

BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool with which you can analyze whether a content idea will work or not. Buzzsumo is used nowadays by 1000s of digital marketers, and it is also featured in big MNC companies.

I like BuzzSumo mainly because of various reasons when you search any keyword:

  1. Shows Facebook Engagement
  2. No. of Twitter shares
  3. Pinterest Shares
  4. Reddit Engagements
  5. No. of likes
  6. Evergreen Score of your keyword
  7. Total Engagement

Two more features are available that are only available in the pro version:

  1. View Backlinks
  2. View Shares

These two features are very useful for SEO purposes.

If you take the pro version, you will get a clear picture of the tool and what it will do to find good keyword ideas for you.

4. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is an impressive tool for marketers, coaches, entrepreneurs, etc. I have tried out the free version of UberSuggest for some time, which is quite impressive. UberSuggest is developed by Neil Patel, the best Digital Marketer in the world who owns the Answer the Public tool, which I mentioned above in the list.

UberSuggest simply gives you 100s of keyword ideas for your generic term with search volume and competitor analysis of those who are using it, as well as backlinks and Domain & Page authority, which means almost everything every digital marketer needs to research.

This tool is cool when you type any keyword, and then it expands the keyword and gives many suggestions that are related to the keyword, like a long-tail keyword. 

It is something like Google Keyword Planner, but it also gives competitor analysis and search volumes. So in my opinion, Uber Suggest is better than Google Keyword Planner.

5. SEOPressor Connect

SEOpressor is a simple tool, which means it is simple to use. You have to just type the generic keyword and what type of keyword it is, like an industry, location, or event, to describe the keyword.

After this, it shows the keyword with blog idea titles.

Its main features are:

  1. Generate blog title ideas.
  2. Find ideas for your keyword that are relevant to your audience.
  3.  It shows blog ideas as titles to rank higher.

SEOPressor is simple to use in comparison to others, but it doesn’t offer many features in the free trial. But still, I like it.

Anyway, I hope you like it.


We have searched all the best Keyword ideas generator tools for your blog or social media posts. Now you can create content on any topic by using these tools.

Comment down below which tool you like the most for using it.

Give me some suggestions on which topic you want in the next blog post. Comment down below👇 and please share with your friends & family members.


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